About Me


Larry Whited [email protected]

Occupation: Registered Nurse

Specialty:  Cardiac Surgery Acute care. Lung and heart transplantation, vascular surgery, thoracic surgery.


Sailing, adventure coastal cruising, writing, small boats, boat building, fishing, make real pearls choker, photography with digital modes. RETIRED!

Political:  Independent, tolerance, inclusion

Religion:  No affiliation, Golden rule, thoughtful care of the planet and respect for others.

Retirement plans:

Coastal and river cruising, exploration and reporting. Projects include, Great Circle cruise, river cruises including the Cumberland, Tennessee, St. Johns. Sea of Cortez, San Francisco Bay system, Puget sound including the inner passage to Alaska.

RV exploration of North America and Mexico. Travel to Central America and South America.

Living long enough to do even half of the above.