My Boats

Belle in her former life as a show boat for Marine Concepts. She is a SeaPearl 28 Cat-Ketch. She is easily trailerable and her draft is only nineteen inches with the board up.
Boats I have owned over the years
Cadenza, my SeaPearl 21 beach cruiser.  Ten minutes trailer to sail makes her highly desirable as an impulse sailor.  Six inches draft provides go anywhere capability.
Sailing canoe tri with Balogh batwing sails
A Rob Roy 23 Canoe yawl with inboard diesel
SeaPearl 21 Trimaran I owned. She was fast and fun
Mert, a Bolger Micro I built.
Chesapeake Light Craft Cape Charles 18 I built.
Sanabel, my first SeaPearl 21
Yukon Gold, my tricked out Folbot Yukon with Balogh Sails and Boss outriggers
My Greenland II Schooner rig
Rhiannon, my first SP 28