Newest Projects

5/22/2008 I continue to pursue my interest in canvas work. My newest projects involve a bimini and tonneau cover for Cadenza.
My tonneau cover was way too tight and wouldn’t accommodate the new batten I purchased to shed the rain. Well, the job wasn’t too bad. Here are some hints. Cut the material oversized and approximate to the size of the cockpit. Then start with one end. Make a hem and locate snaps correctly for the end you choose. I recommend the larger end. Then stretch the material over the batten and mark and create the other hem and snap installations. Carefully mark the hem for a side and hem and install snaps. The final side is a synch, pulling against the three sides.
Finished aft cockpit bimini 6/24/2008
Cadenza gets a new mode of propulsion.  The Skullmatix fromDuckworks turns one of her oars into a yuloh style skulling oar.
The stainless fitting from Duckworks
Detail of mount on stern.  Can’t wait to try it out at Cedar Key. Report to follow


Belle’s new Forspar Mini Galley.  Heats very fast has coffe pot as well.  Lid becomes a mini skillet.
We prepare the boat yard for some serious HVLP painting.  18.1 CFM 230 volt industrial compressor with 1/2 inch copper line running into the shop.
“Business end” of the compressor showing regulator and plumbing.
Motoguard 1 micron filter and manifold.  The 1/2 inch hose will hook directly in to the manifold with no quick releases to improve flow to gun. Final pressure regulation is done at the gun.  HVLP guns usually run at from 10-15 lbs per square inch at the gun.  Mine is a Devilbiss 670 plus.
Home for air compressor