Recommended Read

Trekka Round the World by John Guzzwell: ISBN 0-938665-56-1

Trekka Round the Work is the story of John’s first great voyage. He had completed his apprenticeship as a yacht joiner.. and entirely by himself, built Trekka, a jewel-like 20-foot 6-inch, light-displacement wooden yawl designed by Laurent Giles.  At the age of twenty-five he set out to see the work. The year was 1955… Forward by Hal Roth. Available from Fine Edge Publications

The Biggest Boat I Could Afford by Lee Hughes: ISBN 1-57409-1

This book tells Lee Hughes’ story as he makes his way up the Intracoastal Waterway, learning the ways of the sea by trial and error. He encounters thunderstorms and hail, unpredictable wind and wave conditions, snapping rudders, leaky tents, and tigers in a shopping mall. He is beached, swamped, wrecked, rained on, bitten by insects, and he panics more than once, but is sustained throughout by the kindness of strangers and the friendliness of the American people. By journey’s end, not only has he become a sailor, but he has also discovered what’s important to him – and conquered more than one fear.

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This book is a page turner! Journey in a Wayfarer dingy.

Three Years in a Twelve-Foot Boat: ISBN: 0966933737

Book Description

This is the true narrative of a middle-aged poet who rows and sails a featherweight wooden boat through nineteen countries – 15,000 miles – to relive his youth and savor adventure. While courting disaster in some of the Western Hemisphere’s remotest corners, he records nature, cultures, and his own emotional processes.

Beachcruising and Coastal Camping: ISBN:0918752159

By Ida Little and Michael Walsh Everything you need to know about selecting a beachcruising boat, where to beach cruise, how to make camp, what gear to buy and more.

� Discover Southeast Alaska With Pack & Paddle (Paperback)

by Margaret Piggott ISBN: 0898862426

The Stormy Voyage of Father’s Day:�  ISBN 0-943400-91-0

By Hugo Vihlen  Solo across the North Atlantic in the smallest sailboat ever!

From the Swamp to the Keys A Paddle through Florida History by: Johnny Molloy, ISBN: 0-8130-2622-9

Handbook of Trailer Sailing by Robert F. Burgess ISBN: 0-396-08303-1 and ISBN: 0-87742-343-1, Second Edition.

Moving to Majorca by Robert F. Burgess Provence on wheels: Unforgettable characters! ISBN: 0-595-09058-3

The Happy Isles of Oceania: Paddling the Pacific, by Paul Theroux. Great travel book! ISBN: 0-449-90858-5

The Georgia Coast Waterways and Islands, by Nancy Schwalbe Zydler and Tom Zydler A Boater’s guide to the intricate, unspoiled and exciting coast of Georgia. Detailed historical and geological information with attention to flora and fauna. This is a nature lovers guide to coastal Georgia.� ISBN: 1-892399-07-5

Sailing to Simplicity, by Migael Scherer ISBN 0-07-135326-7 Captures what sailing adventure is all about.

Sailing Big on a Small Sailboat, by J. D. Cardwell ISBN 1-57409-007-0 Sometimes more is less and less is more.


Messing About in Boats,  great nitty gritty reports on small boat sailors having real fun. Subscriptions at Duckworks Magazine

Small Craft Advisor, great reviews tips and stories for small boaters.

Atlas and Gazetteer series.  Buy each state and have access to detailed geographic information which will show water access and campground sites and facilities.  Published by Delorme

Helpful Books:

Complete Folding Kayaker by, Ralph Diaz ISBN: 0-07-140809 available

The Saltwater Fisherman’s Bible, by Erwin Bauer ISBN: 0-385-1722-6 Fishing and small boating go well together. This book will help get started.

Good Reading:

Sea Stories, by Patrick O’Brian especially the Aubrey/Maturin Series. Available on “O’Brians sheer brilliance as a writer constantly dazzles, and his power over the reader is unique…” Kevin Myers, Irish Times I am reading the Mauritius Command right now and next will read Master and Commander which was made into a great movie.

Not Small but great reading.

Unlikely Passages, by Reese Palley “You become a true circumnavigator only when you realize the futility of setting routes and stops…”

There Be No Dragons: How to Cross a Big Ocean in a Small Sailboat, by Reese Palley(Paperback – April 2004)

The following courtesy Brad Ansley:

Harley Mowat, The Boat Who Wouldn’t Float ISBN 0-553-27788-X

The Grey Seas Under: The Perilous Rescue Mission of a N.A. Salvage Tug

Peter Matthiessen, Killing Mr.Watts Lost Mans River, Bone by Bone, and Far Tortuga

Russell Doubleday, A Year in a Yawl: A True Tale of the Adventures of Four Sailors in a 30-Foot Yawl