Belle is a 1991 SeaPearl 28 sailing Cat-ketch. She is rigged with freestanding carbon fiber masts with a simple folding system the makes launch and retrieval as well as lowering the masts for bridges a simple and doable process. Launch time is about 30 minutes and retrieval is around 40 minutes to road ready. Her sails are full battened with a full roach for maximum upwind capability. She sits on an aluminum and stainless trailer by Rolls. Suspension is supported by stainless torsion bars so rust is not a worry. The trailer lights are sealed making the lighting system impervious to salt water.

As for Belle’s interior, while it offers distinctly camp style interior accommodations, its storage and living arrangements are quite adequate. I appreciate Belle’s uncluttered cabin and generous storage. Her V-berth is gigantic and very comfortable with flow through ventilation overhead, and an available turbo fan. All hatches and ports are screened. I have a chain weighted companionway screen as well. I have added LED interior lighting to save on battery use. The sliding galley offers water from her two 14 gallon flex tanks via foot pump. The two burner alcohol stove is covered with a chopping board. Underneath there is plenty of storage for kitchen utensils and alcohol. I can easily stock her lockers with supplies food and water for a months voyaging.

The cockpit is overly large by my reckoning at 8 feet. Luckily, it drains rapidly into the motor well. I have a complete cabin enclosure with a choice of screen for warm weather, or plastipane for cool or inclement weather. Restoration story

Her two group 27 deep cycle batteries are charged by a large 80 watt solar array as well as the motor generator. Electronic instruments include a Garmin 198C, an ACR Rapid Fix EPIRB with GPS connection, a Raymarine Autohelm 1000 with GPS cross correction NEMA signal connection. For communication, she has an ICOM 422 with DSC signaling enabled. For AC and Battery charging I carry a Honda 1000 watt/10 amp dc charger. The electric start 18 hp Nissan outboard in a well also provides charging to the battery bank.

Her full battened sails have 3 reef points at the ready. She can take around 35 knots on 2 reef points. I am judging that 45 knots would not be unreasonable with 3 reef points. After that it’s bare poles. I plan to obtain a drogue for safely running off in a big blow.